Geology-Geomodeling Course

Geology-Geomodeling Course

Enhance your knowledge of Petroleum Geology and Geomodeling Course


Geology-Geomodeling Course

Petroleum Geomodeling Course

Static 3D Modelling in Clastics Depositional Environment

From Outcrop to Grid Cell: Integrated Approach in Modelling Clastic Reservoirs

Integrated G&G Study for Carbonate Reservoir

Advanced 3D Modeling : Karst Fracture Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis

Basic Static 3D Modelling: a Practical Techniques to Build Static Geological Model


Geology-Geomodeling Course

Petroleum Geology Course

Petroleum Geology for Non-Geoscientists

The Application of Structural Geology for Exploration

Basin & Petroleum System Modeling: Concept & Application

Operations Geologist : Geological Well Planning

Principle of Carbonate Geology and Reservoir

Prospect Maturation and Evaluation, From a Lead to Drillable Prospect

Structural Modelling and Implementation in The Prospect Generation

The Application of Structural Geology for Exploration

The Role of Sedimentology in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Wellsite Geology Fundamental

Basement Fracture Reservoir

Prospect Evaluation Training