The Application of Structural Geology for ExplorationThe Application of Structural Geology for Exploration

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The Application of Structural Geology for Exploration

The geologic structure affects the geometry of the rock body and determining its permeability and porosity properties. The Earth's crust deformation process due to litospheric plate movement and its response to erosion and sedimentation caused the rock is fractured, faulted or folded. The geologic structure of the rock would then become the path or conduit of the fluid such as hydrocarbon, geothermal, mineralization or ground water.

This Application of Structural Geology for Exploration Training offers a mastery of 3 main things related to the structural geology which are needed in the exploration design, (i) object: the type of the geologic structure and identification, (ii) process: the mechanism of the geologic structure formation on the rock and the factor that control it, (iii) data and interpretation: data sampling, analysis and interpretation method.

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Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Tectonic and Lithospheric Plate
  • Deformation and Stress
  • Geologic Structure Type
  • Joint Identification
  • Joint Data Analysis

Day 2

  • Fold Identification
  • The Correlation between Fold and Joint
  • Fold Data Analysis
  • Fault Identification
  • Anderson Theory on the Fault
  • The Correlation between Fault and Fold
  • The Correlation beween Fault and Joint
  • Fault Data Analysis

Day 3

  • The Application of Structural Geology in Exploration (Hydrocarbon, Geothermal, Ground Water, Mineral -- type of exploration based on request)
  • Regional Study in Lab (Landsat and Geophysical Data Interpretation)
  • Regional Study from Field Data
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Data Sampling from the Field (Observation, Measurement, Discussion)
  • Data Analysis from Field Data
  • Discussion, Wrap-up
  • Closing


The Application of Structural Geology for Exploration Training is set for geoscientist and engineer who work in the exploration of hydrocarbon, geothermal, mineral and ground water.


Instructor is from Departemen Teknik Geologi Universitas Gadjah Mada with PhD or Doctor degree in geology.

This Application of Structural Geology for Exploration Training will be held several times in Indonesia throughout 2020. It will be held in 5 star hotel with minimum 5 participants and maximum 15 participants. The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free coffee break, lunch per day during the course and once dinner.Click the Register button based on your preference dated to join this training!

Location Start Date End Date Price Register
Online (for Public)
22 Nov 2021
24 Nov 2021
750 USD/person