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Popular Training

Best training and courses provided by PTGTN

1. Geology-Geomodeling Course

Enhance your knowledge on the key of geological exploration and development

2. Geophysics Course

Getting more familiar with seismic data to make your interpretation more powerful

3. Petrophysics Course

Gets a clear picture of reservoir by learning to integrate geophysical studies

4. Geomechanic Course

a thorough overview of most key aspects of elastostatics reservoir properties

5. Drilling Course

Learn about the fundamentals and discover new methods in drilling

6. Reservoir Engineer Course

Learn how the real-life reservoirs are managed effectively

7. Data Science Course

Enhance your Data Science-Machine Learning skills for your needs

8. Data Management Course

Improve your data management skills to organize all of your important data in the petroleum business.

9. Plan of Development Course

Understanding of the stages needed to carry out the Field Development Planning

10. Geological FIeld Trip

Enhance your knowledge in New Normal & Virtual Geological Field Trip

11. Integrated Course

Provides training based comprehensively based on your daily targets

12. Student & Graduate Training

Equip fresh graduate with knowledge and best practices from the industry