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MetaDB by GTN

MetaDB is a modern, user-friendly web application that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the process of managing metadata related to subsurface oil and gas resources. It ensures that the metadata is compliant with
Lampiran-1 PERMEN ESDM No. 7/2019, and allows users to preview the data before uploading it into the


Geoscience Data Viewer (GDV)

GDV is our application used for visualize both seismic & well data using our own technology to be obtained via web basedgraphical user interface. There are several parts of GTN-VDR such as GTN Segy2MongoDB,GTN Segy2Vol, GTN GIS Basemap, GTN 2D Seismic Viewer, GTN 3D Seismic Viewer, GTNWell Logs Viewer

Training Schedule 2023

GTN Training Schedule 2023

GTN offers numerous Oil and Gas training with various categories. By this schedule, all of our training programs are able to be held In-house with on-demand schedule. GTN accommodates customized training to fit with your needs and our trainer will adjust the syllabus content according to your specific requirements.

GTN Video Gallery

GTN Video Gallery

Click this link below to see our training, field trip, and consulting after movie portfolio. We always create a memorable documentation to every clients

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Our Services

Geology-Geomodeling Course

Enhance your knowledge on the key of geological exploration and development

Geophysics Course

Getting more familiar with seismic data to make your interpretation more powerful

Petrophysics Course

Gets a clearer picture of reservoir by learning how to integrate geology and geophysical studies

Geomechanic Course

a thorough overview of most key aspects of elastostatics reservoir properties, poroelasticity, and tectonic environment

Drilling Course

Learn about the fundamentals and discover new methods in drilling

Reservoir Engineer Course

Learn how the real-life reservoirs are managed effectively

Data Science Course

Enhance your Data Science-Machine Learning skills for your multipurpose needs

Data Management Course

Improve your data management skills to organize all of your important data in the petroleum business

Plan of Development Course

Understanding of the stages needed to carry out the Field Development Planning

Geological Field Trip

Enhance your knowledge in New Normal & Virtual Geological Field Trip

Integrated Course

Provides training based comprehensively based on your daily targets

Student & Graduate Training

Equip fresh graduate with knowledge and best practices from the industry

Seismic Processing Services

Seismic 2D/3D Processing/Reprocessing Services

Seismic Interpretation

Seismic Interpretation & Evaluation of your prospect area

Geological Services

Provide consulting services across the full geological spectrum

Integrated GGRE Study

Exploration & Development Study to increase E & P company value

Virtual Data Room

Visualize both seismic dan well data via web browser

E&P Data Management

Develop and implement data management solutions for managing and handling Exploration and Production data

Learning Management System

Deliver skills and competency-based learning and development services with VGEMS LMS

IT & Software Solutions

Provide IT and Software solutions for web and cloud system

Geoscience Creative Media

Providing you with Creative Videography and Photography Services for Geoscience purpose

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