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Seismic Data Processing

The objective of Seismic Data Processing Training is to provide audiences a better understanding and grasp of modern seismic processing technologies those are commonly used in oil and gas industry. The course will combine both theory and practice, spanning wide spectrum of processing steps from raw data handling all the way down to advanced seismic migration. Audiences will be assisted in using Seismic Unix to practice fundamental of seismic processing steps. 

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Day 1 Seismic Fundamental and General Overview of Seismic Processing

  • Covers convolution concept, wave propagation, amplitude and phase, seismic attenuation, sampling theory, bandwidth, aliasing, overview of standard processing flow, introduction to noise and signal, static correction: elevation, refraction, tomo and residual statics, ground roll removal, anomalous amplitude attenuation, velocity analysis, de-convolution and migration.
  • Practice: Introduction to basic command of Seismic UNIX and Frequently used UNIX commands.

Day 2: Noise Attenuation and Deconvolution

  • Definition of noise that commonly exists in land and marine seismic data, ground roll removal, random noise elimination with state of the art processing techniques, definition of multiple, its behavior and techniques to handle multiples: Surface Related Multiple Elimination, Interbed De-Multiple, Radon Transform: parabolic, hyperbolic and high resolution Radon, definition of convolution, gap decon, spiking decon and filter shaping.
  • Practice: Seismic UNIX for Filtering, FK-Filter, Radon Transform, Geometry Assignment, Static Correction, Mute Design.

Day 3: Seismic Velocity, Attenuation, Anisotropy, Migration and Special Topic.

  • Types of velocities, its definition and concept, Normal Move Out (NMO), effect of velocity to NMO, Attenuation, Q Estimation, An-isotropic parameters and an-isotropic for hydrocarbon exploration, Definition of migration, Diffraction, migration impulse response, type of migration, advanced method of migration, Refraction tomography, curvelet transform, AVO, Amplitude-phase preservation, Q compensation PSDM, Full Wave Inversion, Multi-Azimuth Seismic Processing Technique.
  • Practice: Seismic UNIX for Velocity Analysis, Stacking, Migration, Ray Tracing and Synthetic Gather Generation.


Seismic Data Processing Training is set for Geophysicists and Seismic Processing Geophysicists staff who process seismic data and need exposure to processing techniques


A seismic processor and geophysical specialist with more than 18 years international experience in oil and gas industry. Hands-on experience in land 3D and 2D land/marine seismic time processing from raw gathers to PreStack Time Migration as well as post processing works such as bandwidth balancing, time alignment, smashing, etc. Capable to build velocity model via refraction tomography (shallow) and depth gathers analysis (deep) for PSDM input as well as Q and anisotropic models for QPSDM and Anisotropic PSDM. Performed various of geophysical tasks such as seismic inversion, seismic multiattributes, generation of lithology indicators A+B and Vp/Vs via angle stacks inversion, AVO, rocks physics analysis in both clastics and carbonate environments. Experienced in seismic interpretation scope of works such as well seismic tie, horizon interpretation, generate time structure maps, time to depth conversion including horizon keyed velocity model building and seismic viz.


Location Start Date End Date Price Register
Online (for Public)
15 Nov 2021
17 Nov 2021
1200 USD/person

This Seismic Data Processing Training will be held several times in Indonesia throughout 2021. It will be held in VGEMS Learning Management System with minimum 5 participants and maximum 15 participants. The deliverables during the course includes: Training Certificates, Training E-modules, & Training Recording.

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