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GTN Segy2Vol

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Similar to GTN Segy2MongoDB, GTN Segy2Vol  is a Web-based Graphical User Interface for converting seismic data in SEGY format to VOL for the 3D seismic dataset. Key seismic literals such as Inline Number, Crossline Number,  X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, etc are provided to be assigned by the user. User has the flexibility to define byte location for each literal with standard conversion format as IBM32BITS and IEEE32BITS for seismic amplitudes and INTEGER32BITS, INTEGER16BITS, IBM32BITS, and IEEE32BITS for the seismic header. A scaling factor and scrolling widget for exploring literal values across traces is provided. Users are allowed to set dedicated project names for each seismic survey for better-organized datasets.

SEGY2VOL (3D Seismic)