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Basin Modelling

 Make a basin model to understand your prospect in whole

Basin and petroleum system modeling (BPSM) is one of the most rapidly growing disciplines within the geosciences because of the high demand by industry for continuous improvement in predictions of petroleum generation, migration, accumulation, and alteration, especially in Indonesia. It is meant to allow geoscientists to examine the dynamics of sedimentary basins and their associated fluids to determine if past conditions were suitable for hydrocarbons to fill potential reservoirs and be preserved. It is started from understanding the geology to modelling the petroleum system related to it.

Basin model is about understanding the prospect in whole. It is about geochemistry of the oil, isotope of the gas, how oil and gas expel and migrate, how the seal handles pressure over time, how the fault acts as conduit or barrier and so on and so on. It requires a very neatly detailed study starting from the source rock, reservoir, migration path, and vertical and lateral seal.

Basin model can provide simple model as simple as maturity to complex model involving migration, accumulation and preservation. Understanding of how basin matures through time, or how source rocks mature and expel, or reservoir is filled by hydrocarbon can help tremendously how one will perceive their prospects.

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