Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum EngineersPetroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineers

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Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineers

This course introduces terminology, operations overview and addresses engineering issues ranging from initial involvement at the exploration stage to production optimization challenges in a friendly way to participant with no petroleum engineering/geology background. Relevant and practical issues are discussed to help participants to better understand their work and how it relates to others.

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Day 1

Introduction to Petroleum industry

  • Field Life Cycle, from exploration to Plug and Abandonment
  • Hydrocarbon origins and accumulations, Resources Triangle, Peak oil issue,
  • Seismic and Well logging,
  • Reservoir geology, Heterogeneity
  • Drilling Systems and Operations: Well Planning, Well Control, Casing and Cementing
  • Workover, Well Completion and Wellbore Integrity
  • Case study discussion

Day 2

Overview of of Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir Rocks Properties (Concepts of Permeability, Porosity,  Wettability, Capillary Pressure and Saturation)
  • Reservoir Fluid Properties (Fluid Sampling and PVT analysis)
  • Coring and Core Analysis
  • Original Oil/ Gas in Place, Volumetric (Reserves) Estimation, Deterministic and Probabilistic Methods (Monte Carlo)
  • Reserves and Resources
  • Reserves calculation using Material Balance and Reservoir Simulation
  • Decision Analysis and Well Placement
  • Case study discussion

Overview of Production Technology and Optimization

  • Reservoir Dynamic Behaviour, Reservoir Drive Mechanism, Recovery Factor
  • Primary Recovery Technology, Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR)
  • Artificial Lift Methods: Sucker rod pump, gas lift, ESP, PCP
  • Well Testing, Cased-hole Production logging, Production Problem Diagnosis
  • Production Optimization using Nodal Analysis
  • Workover and Stimulation (Acidizing, Hydraulic Fracturing)
  • Case study discussion

Day 3

Overview of Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR)

  • Fluid Displacement, Recovering the remaining Oil: Infill Well, Improved Oil Recovery, Waterflooding, gas flooding
  • EOR: Thermal techniques (Steamflooding, Cyclic Steam stimulation, downhole heater)
  • Chemical Techniques (Polymer flooding, Surfactant flooding, ASP flooding)
  • Miscible Processes, Microbial Processes and others
  • Case study discussion

Petroleum Surface Testing and Production System

  • Surface Production Testing, Gas/ Oil Processing Facilities
  • Offshore Petroleum Facilities
  • Crude oil Terminal and Storage Tanks
  • Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Industry, Disposal Well.
  • Case study discussion


Petroleum Engineers, Non-Petroleum Engineers or Scientists, field personnel, Management, Support Staff, new hires, IT services, Accounting.


20 years experience in oil and gas industry, Master degree in Geology, now Lecturer at Pertamina University and PhD student at Petroleum Engineering, ITB

This Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineers will be held several times in Indonesia throughout 2020. It will be held in a 5 star hotel with a minimum of 5 participants and maximum 15 participants. The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free coffee break, lunch per day during the course and once dinner.Click the Register button based on your preference date to join this training!

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Online (for Public)
22 Nov 2021
24 Nov 2021
700 USD/person