The Concept of Seismic Interpretation The Concept of Seismic Interpretation

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The Concept of Seismic Interpretation

Objective of this Seismic Interpretation Training is to provide audience upgrade knowledge in : Signal Theory, Seismic Pulse Generation and Transformation, Seismic Reflection, Generation, Synthetic and Borehole Acoustic, Velocity and Depth Conversion, Seismic Expression of Geological Feature, Seismic Reflection of Structural Style, Seismic Contouring and Hydrocarbon Indicator.

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Day 1 
-Signal Theory

These concept provide attendance tools for understanding the way in which seismic data is acquired, the step by which it is processed and factors affecting it’s display, interpretation and mapping. Pulse Generation and Transmission This concept provide attendance understanding in P-Wave & S-Wave and it’s derivative.

- Seismic Reflection Generation
This Topic will provide attendance understanding in the Concept of Reflection, Refraction, Mode Conversion and Diffraction. Synthetic and Borehole Acoustic. This topic will provide attendance understanding how we can correlate well markers with seismic reflection.

Day 2
- Velocity and Depth Conversion

Velocity is the crucial link between time and depth. Variation in velocity vertically and laterally are responsible for distortions in seismic time data. This topic provide understanding so interpreters need to be aware of this distortion. In several cases the structural configuration seen on time data may bear little resemblance to the true situation even subtle changes in velocity can be critical when dealing with low relief structure. Seismic Expression of Geological Feature. After this lecture attendance should understand how rocks deform under extension, compression and strike slip stress and how to use deformation models to help interpret seismic data.

- Seismic Expression of Structural Style
This Topic will provide attendance the technique how to interpret horizons, faults and correlate stratigraphic horizons across them.
Seismic Contouring. The result of subsurface interpretation are usually presented in the form of contour map. After this lecture the attendance should understand contouring technique. Contours are constructed by interpolating sampled values of the variable within the map area. The accuracy of the map depend on the nature of variable, the density and locations of the samples.

Day 3 
- Hydrocarbon Indicator (HCI)

These Topic provide attendance understanding how to detect HCI in Seismic Data. HCI are effects of observed on seismic data due to the presence of hydrocarbons (particularly gas) in the pore space of a reservoir. They are caused by the hydrocarbon changing the elastic properties of the reservoir relative to when it is water-filled.


The Concept of Seismic Interpretation Training is set for Geologist and Geophysicist that have regular job in Sub Surface interpretation


Narto Susilo

More than 20 years experiences in Oil industry. Having spent most of the time in Geophysical jobs with strong record in Geology & Geophysics Evaluation, New Venture, Seismic Acquisition & Processing, Seismic Interpretation, Structural Mapping (Time and Depth), Leads and Prospects generation and maturation, compiling well proposal and report post drilling. In addition, having additional skill in G & G Data Management. Have worked in 7 (Seven) Sedimentary Basins during the career : North Sumatra Basin (Clastic & Carbonates), South Sumatra Basin (Clastic), Natuna Basin (Clastic), NW Java basin (Clastic), NE Java Basin (Clastic), Tarakan Basin (Clastic) and Salawati Basin (Carbonates)

The Concept of Seismic Interpretation Training will be held several times in Indonesia throughout 2020. It will be held in 5 star hotel with minimum 5 participants and maximum 15 participants. The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free coffee break, lunch per day during the course and once dinner. Click the Register button based on your preference dated to join this training!

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