The Concept of Borehole Seismic Acquisition and ProcessingThe Concept of Borehole Seismic Acquisition and Processing

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Advance Seismic Training

This workshop provides deep knowledge of seismic in exploration focusing on the use of Seismic Design, Acquisition, Processing, and Depth Imaging. At the end of this workshop, participants will understand the concepts of seismic acquisition, seismic processing from A-Z, quantitative seismic analysis, and inversion techniques, leads attendees to understand and follow every step of seismic reservoir characterization projects.

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Day 1-2

Seismic Acquisition
1. Overview
2. Components of Seismic Acquisition
3. Signal and Noise
4. Acquisition Geometry – Survey Design
5. Hybrid Acquisitions
6. Waveform modeling

Day 2-3

Seismic Processing and Imaging
1. Seismic Fundamentals
2. Seismic Processing from A to Z
3. Noise and Noise Attenuation
4. Deconvolution
5. Seismic Velocity, Attenuation and
6. Migration
7. Special Topics: Broadband Seismic, Full
Azimuth Seismic, FWI, RTM, Pseudo3D

Day 4

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation
1. Acoustic Impedance Inversion
2. Fast Track Colored Inversion
3. Band Limited Inversion
4. Sparse Spike Inversion
5. Model Based Inversion
6. Elastic Impedance Inversion
7. Extended Elastic Impedance Inversion
8. Simultaneous Inversion
9. Poisson Impedance
10. DSR

Day 4

Rock Physics
1. Introduction and overview
2. Seismic Velocities and factors that affect
3. Gassmann Fluid Substitution
4. Rock physics modelling
5. Empirical relation
6. Rock physics for quantitative interpretation

Introduction to Machine Learning and
Application of Machine Learning

Geologist, Geophysicst, Reservoir Engineer and all related background for Petroleum Exploration and Development

More than 20 years of experience working with national and multinational oil and gas industries, and universities. Hands on experience in 2D and 3D land/marine, multicomponent and PS seismic processing and geophysical analysis. Solid geophysical programming skill, developing geophysical software, both stand alone and web based using Python, Perl, C++ and Javascript. Currently active in delivering both on premise and online Python for Geoscientists course including Machine Learning, Deep Learning and its implementation on geophysical data

Geophysicist with more than 20 years of experiences. Experiences ranging from exploration to 3D detailed development field Involved in various type of works including seismic processing and interpretation, well log interpretation, well planning, operation geophysics, seismic attribute analysis, seismic inversion, 3D geology and velocity modeling. Used to work with multi-discipline and multinational environment, extensively exposed as development geophysicist along with aggressive development drilling program in shelf field of Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan Indonesia. Got master degree in Geophysics with thesis in seismic attribute for time lapse seismic. Got doctoral degree in Geophysics with dissertation in seismic anisotropy.

Geophysicist with more than 15 years of experience with main responsibilities on marine survey design, forward modelling, geophysical studies and infill management. He also has experience in sales as he was working as Sales Supervisor and working offshore as QC Geophysicist during his Global Trainee Program with PGS. He has been working in several different countries, including Houston, Singapore, Perth and Indonesia. He completed his MSc. in Applied Geophysics from TU Delft, The Netherlands and BSc in Geophysical Engineering from ITB, Indonesia.

This training course is a 3 days program that has different subjects in each day. This training will be held several times in Indonesia throughout 2021. It will be held in VGEMS Learning Management System with minimum 5 participants and maximum 15 participants. The deliverables during the course includes: Training Certificates, Training E-modules, & Training Recording.Click the Register button based on your preference date to join this training!

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Online (for Public)
29 Nov 2021
30 Nov -0001
3000 USD/person