(JAVA) Regional Geology of Serayu Orogenic Field Trip, Yogyakarta – Pekalongan(JAVA) Regional Geology of Serayu Orogenic Field Trip, Yogyakarta – Pekalongan

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(JAVA) Regional Geology of Serayu Orogenic Field Trip, Yogyakarta - Pekalongan

The geology of Central Java Island is complex, compared to the other part of Java. The challenge faced by researchers is the thickness of volcanic rocks that cover the surface. On the other hand, the oldest rock in Java Island that has more than 100 million years old is also found in this region. This fieldtrip invites the participants to visit rock formations that build Central Java and to see how important this part of the region is, geologically in the formation of Java Island even in the formation of Indonesia. Audience will be also guided to local tourism destinations in Yogyakarta, Kebumen and Dieng, Indonesia

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DayMain Field Trip ActivityGeotourism
1Arrival in Yogyakarta and technical briefingYogyakarta culinary and city tour
2Observation and discussion about the old andesite formation in Bagelen, Halang formation in Kebumen and Central Java Suture in KarangsambungKebumen culinary and city tour
3Observation and discussion about Penosogan formation in Wadaslintang Dam and Kemutuk river, Waturanda formation in KaliwiroWadaslintang Dam tour
4Observation and discussion about Dieng volcanism evolution, Dieng geothermal facility and Damar formation in KajenDieng hot spring tour
5Departure from PekalonganSouvenir shopping tour


Regional Geology of Serayu Orogenic Field Trip is set for Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysic, Engineers who are interested to know the regional geology of Serayu orogenic


Field trip leader is academician with PhD in Geology from Departemen Teknik Geologi Universitas Gadjah Mada

Location Start Date End Date Price Register
Virtual/Field Trip
Based on Demand
Based on Demand
Around 1000 USD/person

Every month from January - December based on the minimum participants quota (minimum 15 participants). The training will be delivered in field trip from Yogyakarta to Pekalongan, Indonesia. The accommodation during the course are included: free B/L/D during the course, field trip gears, insurance, geotourism and city tour