(JAVA) Geology for Non-Geologist Field Trip(JAVA) Geology for Non-Geologist Field Trip

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(JAVA) Geology for Non Geologist Field Trip

This course provides a awareness understanding to public and everyone about geological phenomena such as the history of basin and rock formation, ancient flora and fauna evolution, volcanology, mineral and hydrocarbon potential formation, geological natural disaster potential and mitigation and others geological phenomena.

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Day 1

  • Full day field trip in Bayat Geopark, Central Java, Indonesia to observe and see the geological outcrops and history

Day 2

  • Fullday fieldtrip in North East Java Basin observe and see the geological outcrops and history

Day 3

  • Post test and evaluation


Geology for Non Geologist Field Trip is set for everyone who are interested to know and understand about geological phenomena and outcrops in the field


Field trip leader is academician with PhD in Geology from Departemen Teknik Geologi Universitas Gadjah Mada

Location Start Date End Date Price Register
Virtual/Field Trip
Based on Demand
Based on Demand
Around 1000 USD/person

This course could be held anytime throughout the year from January to December based on demand with the minimum participant of 10 person. This training will be delivered in field trip program across Java Island, Indonesia. The accommodation during the course includes: - free Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - field trip gear and insurance