Well Logs DigitizationWell Logs Digitization

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Well Logs Digitization

Using the state-of-the-art Artificial Inteligence, we can obtain universal digital files such as: LAS, ASCII or Excel from printed / pdf / image of well logs with high precision. These output files are compatible with any interpretation so􀆜ware in the oil and
gas industry.

Digitizing process is an excellent alternative when our customers do not have digital information from their well logs, obtaining high quality and certainty data from a validation process performed
by our specialists.

Data input:
Hardcopy of well logs data or image format of well logs (pdf, jpg, png,bmp, etc)

General Process and Method :
1. High Resolution Scanning
We use High Resolution Scanner to scan the hardcopy well logs format (if the data avaliable only in hardcopy). The Data will be converted to the standard format such as PNG
2. Well Logs Digitization
To digitize a log, the following process must be followed:
a. Identify the associated well using header information.
b. Identify the well log tracks, for each track: Identify track left and right edges
c. For all captured curve information, use mathematical
transformations to convert the captured curve pixel locations to depth/value pairs for each curve.
d. Resample curve depth value points to industry standard depth step (i.e. 0.5ft, 0.1524m).

Generate flat file of the curves and metadata in industry standard format, such as LAS, ASCII or Excel.

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