Seismic Tape TranscriptionSeismic Tape Transcription

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Seismic Tape Transcription

Tape Drive and Seismic Physical Asset is extremely valuable E&P Data and rarely ever destroyed. From the past acquisitions, the company storage the data in form of the tape drive. To analyze and interprete the all of the Seismic Physical Asset, GTN offers Tape Transcription Services.

Data input:
Tape Drive in several kind of format :
– 3590-version tape drives: 3590 Model E11, or 3590 Model E1A
– 3490-version tape drives: 3480/3490/3490e Tape Drive
– DLT/SDLT drive: SDLT320
– exabyte drive: EXABYTE 8505XLS

General Process and Workflow :
1. Read and Write the Tape Drive using Tape Reader
We use several Tape Reader (such as IBM 3590, Fujitsu M2884C, HP SDLT 320, Exabyte) to read
and write the Tape Drive in several format
2. Data Management
Sorting and grouping the data which have been read by tape reader

Data Output
Transcripted Seismic Data (ready to process)

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