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Metada Population Services

Based on Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource no 7/2019, each E&P Company have
an obligation to populate the metadata based on ESDM Standard format (using Excel). GTN offers
Data Management Services to populate metadata from company database to ESDM Format

Data Input (Data Source)
We use the Source of Data based on Company Databased (can be used from Oracle, etc)

General Process and Method :
1. Data Mapping
Metadata mapping from Excel Table Format based on ESDM Regulation no 7/2019 in “Company
2. Data Query and Filtering
Querry, Filtering ,and extraction of metadata which have been selected from Company database
used ETL Method
3. Data Extraction
Population the extraction data to ESDM format

Data Output (Result)
The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Regulation No.7/2019 standard format (Ms. excel based format)

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*) The key success of metadata population from Company Database to ESDM Standard format is depends on the
completeness of the metadata